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Five relationship stages that successful couples go through
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Five relationship stages that successful couples go through

Everything in this material universe has its own life cycle. Although we completely agree with all the people who claim that true love never ends, the relationships that we build with our loved ones, as a matter of fact go through several stages.

Even though many get stuck somewhere along the path, the most successful couples always find a way to overcome the obstacles and continue their journey. However, every romance not matter how perfect it is, starts with the first step. So, let’s begin …

1. The “affection” phase

Couple in a meadowThis is the initial stage where the partners “fall in love” with each other and tend to be more romantic. Most of the relationships usually begin with mutual attraction. During this phase the people addictively wish to spend as much time as possible with their beloved companions. They buy each other flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, go to romantic dinners and make plans for the future in order to impress their loved ones and attain their affinities.

From a biochemical point of view, hormones like adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine go up, which “lights up the fire” in our hearts.  Suddenly, even the reality becomes more blissful than our dreams.

2. The calm before the storm


In this period of time the initial excitement, slowly but surely, calms down. The partners get to know each other better and build solid bonds. Most of the couples “land back on the ground” after the flight through “seventh heaven” and begin to behave rationally, by focusing on the more practical aspects of their relationship. On a daily basis, the romance transforms into routine, which can turn out to be a “double edged sword”, because the acquired sense on complacency and contentment demotivates us to make the things even better.

Although many people prefer to keep their relationships in this “safe zone” forever and ever, it’s a matter of absolute certainty that things inevitably change over time and this chapter sooner or later will come to an end.

3. Facing Reality

Couple at sunset

This is probably the most critical and turbulent relationship stage that any couple can experience. The days of seeing each other through rose-colored glasses are long gone, and the partners are now faced with the real problems and challenges that need to be seriously taken. In other words, this is the time when the big decisions need to be made and unfortunately many pairs decide to split.

Although the disagreements become frequent and sometimes can escalate into more serious argues or even conflicts, things not necessarily need to go all down the wrong way. In order to maintain your relationship on the “right course”, while “floating through the storm”, you will need a lot of mutual respect and understanding. The point is to be committed each day with all your heart. Frankly, there will be days when your heart is going to be tired and you will have to crawl on your feet in order to keep pushing forward.

At the end only the strongest and most dedicated couples will the find way out of the clouds. But as some people say, the real strength is about kindness, not self-centeredness. So try to replace the egoistic “Me” with the uniting “We”. After all it’s not too much complicated … all you need to do is turn the letter “M” upside down

4. The real bliss

Heart hands sunshine

You know what they say: “After the rain, the sun rises again”. The storm described in the previous phase has passed and the cozy sunshine warms up your hearts ones again. Only this time, the feeling is even better.

The love birds that have reached this stage will finally reap what they have sowed … and those who have sown real love will enjoy the taste of its fruits.

After going through everything, now you truly accept and love your companions for who they are. You’ve been together in heaven and you have seen hell as well. But you worked your way out of the inferno. So this is the time when you shouldn’t feel bad at all, for taking pleasure in the well-deserved harmony.

5. Pure Synergy

Couple tatoo

You don’t want to make other people jealous, do you? Eventually, we rise by lifting others, not by knocking them down. Furthermore, when we strive to become better, everything around becomes better too.

Couples that reach this stage inspire the people they know to follow their example. They go beyond the frontiers of interpersonal satisfaction and their love triggers a synergetic effect that makes a positive impact on everything and everyone around them. After all, shared happiness is double happiness and ultimately, that’s how we make this world a better place.

Essentially, you know that you reside at this level of high consciousness, when you want the folks in your personal world to be as happy as you are with your beloved partner.


No matter at which stage your relationship currently dwells, do not be afraid to be the best you can. Just like the slaves struggle for their freedom, the free man and women should always strive for perfection in all aspects of life, including the field of love.

Even if you are stuck at phase #3 for instance, do not let your hope fade away, no matter how complicated the situation is. Deciding to do nothing and quit is always the easiest option, but there is always at least something we can do to make the things better. No need to rush, neither to push too hard. Demonstrate your patience whenever it is required and remember that it always takes time for good things to happen.

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