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Can we learn how to love? - PraiseTheLove.com
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Can we learn how to love?

Is love something that can be learnt? Can we teach our hearts how to love in a better way?

Certainly there are many things that we can and should learn in our lives. For instance, we can be taught how to be more romantic or tolerant with each other, find out how to make our marriage better by preserving the emotional fondness in the long lasting relationships and etcetera. As a matter of fact there are many articles, books and even seminars which focus on this issues, but does it mean that by applying all those “hints & tips” in our lives, we can learn how to love?

Although our minds may suggest that it is the same, being or learning how to be more romantic, does not necessarily mean that we know how to love. Gaining the skills to cook the favourite meal of your partner, or make a lovely bouquet of roses for your anniversary, beyond any doubt shows that you are a caring person. Also, there are millions of other and even more creative ways, to express our feelings for the people we cherish, respect or perhaps truly and faithfully love. However, these are only the manners by which we share what our hearts really feel.

Romantic bookBut on the other hand, can we discover how to create or even multiply the number of “butterflies in our tummies” when we fall in love? Have you met so far someone who masters of that kind of art? Actually, let’s take this matter to a little bit more personal level. Have you ever fallen in love, with any prior plan to do so? Have you been learning how to do that, before meeting the person you supposedly love? Whenever we remind ourselves how we fell in love with someone, we usually say “I don’t know, it just happened by itself … Cupid struck me with his arrows”.

Heart MechanismWell, pretty much that’s the way it is! The spark that sets the sentimental “big bang” appears out of nowhere, and as the time is passing by, our feelings grow and become stronger. So, can we learn how to make them grow? No matter how much we try or committed we are, we cannot force ourselves to feel something that we don’t, by applying some “happily ever after” rules and methods. There isn’t secret formula or equation that will increase your love, because there is more than chemistry when it comes to love. Eventually, the chemical reactions in our bodies are simply the physical reflection triggered by the spiritual and emotional condition of our souls. Although the carnal reactions (which also happen beyond our control) can be perfectly defined by the scientist from a chemical point of view, it is the mechanism of our souls that still remains to be one of the most divine unsolved mysteries of our existence.

After all, perhaps we as human beings are not supposed to know all the secrets of the universe. But we are definitely blessed to be able to feel and share the most powerful and noble cosmic force, that we call love. And even if we never figure out how it comes to existence or evolves in order to make it better … that still doesn’t stop us to simply let it happen and enjoy in that sweet surrender.

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